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Smoke from fire in the caves near Maastricht

Since the news about the fire in the caves near Maastricht has spread, we have received many enquiries about whether Maastricht Underground is still open. The fire started in a cave that was used to store hay In Kanne, Belgium, just across the border from Maastricht. While hay can burn, caves cannot catch fire. The affected caves do not form part of the cave system used for guided tours by Maastricht Underground and are not connected to the St Pieterberg hill.
All Maastricht Underground locations are open according to the usual schedule and it is completely safe to enter these caves. The Society for the Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands affirms that is safe to enter these caves.

The city centre of Maastricht has had little to no nuisance of the smoke caused by this fire.


A place where north and south meet, the crossroads of the three countries that together make up the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, the place where it’s hard to believe you’re still on Dutch soil, it must be another country. This is the place where you’ll find Maastricht...