Experience Maastricht

Maastricht would gladly welcome you with open arms. However, due to the coronavirus measures in place we cannot do so at the moment. Unfortunately, it won't be possible for you to visit for a day of shopping or to enjoy a meal in your favourite restaurant. Thanks to the ‘Visit Maastricht... safely’ (‘Veilig rondje stad’) campaign, Maastricht's entrepreneurs have made it possible to collect shopping from your favourite shop. We would also gladly inspire you to discover Maastricht in a number of different ways. You may experience a side of Maastricht that you never saw before. For example, consider a nice walk around the city, where you have plenty of space for you and others. Take your time and enjoy a different side of Maastricht.

Maastricht Zuid Limburg Kasteel

Maastricht Zuid Limburg Kasteel

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Into nature

Maastricht is known for her colorful region, the backyard of Maastricht. Find out what you have to see! Discover the most beautiful, fun and fascinating places in South Limburg and Euregion!


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