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Update on corona prevention measures

In the interest of public safety, the Dutch government is taking some extra precautionary measures to combat the spreading of the coronavirus. All restaurants, pubs, cafés and other catering facilities will be closing their doors from Sunday 15 March at 6 PM up to and including Tuesday 28 April, as well as all museums, concert halls, theatres, gyms and schools. Not all shops will be open. If you want to know exactly when shops are open, call the shop you want to visit in advance.

Click here for more information about the measures.


A place where north and south meet, the crossroads of the three countries that together make up the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, the place where it’s hard to believe you’re still on Dutch soil, it must be another country. This is the place where you’ll find Maastricht...

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Maastricht is known for her colorful region, the backyard of Maastricht. Find out what you have to see! Discover the most beautiful, fun and fascinating places in South Limburg and Euregion!


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