If you are familiar with Maastricht and South Limburg, then you probably know that we highly value our gastronomy here. Whether it's coffee with a hearty slice of vlaai (sweet tart) or a multi-course dinner, Maastricht locals think it's important for their food to look and taste exquisite! Our culinary entrepreneurs are as creative as ever, even in times such as these. In the best of circumstances, these entrepreneurs can completely rethink their approach to business for current circumstances. Michelin-star restaurants are delivering food to households, on the condition that the home chef adds the finishing touch. It's a great way to get some creative encouragement. The city has plenty to offer, including seven-course meals, fruit baskets, vegan lunches, or coffee and a slice of vlaai (sweet tart). Will you join us?

Ding Dong!

Some restaurants were already familiar with home deliveries, but for others these times have made them consider a new world of options. This presents a wonderful opportunity for us to discover some hidden talents that our culinary entrepreneurs hadn't yet shown us. The doorbell rings, and after opening the door we're greeted by an employee delivering a seven-course meal prepared by Mes Amis, complete with Limburg wines. Cremerius is offering complete crates with food bursting with all the vitamins we need, and Bakkerij Hermans is doing home deliveries of bread or pastries that we would normally collect from the bakery on a Sunday morning. Read the blog and discover the hidden talents of the culinary entrepreneurs in Maastricht.

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