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Keep enjoying the tastes of Maastricht

Given the ever-changing measures, make sure to contact the restaurant or shop in advance – there’s nothing worse than seeing your favourite place is shut or being stuck with a very rumbly tummy!

  Take-away   Delivery  
Bar Brutal X   X  
Bar restaurant Villenueve X      
Bavet X   X  
Beluga Loves you X   X  
Bistrot on top X      
Brandweerkantine X      
Burgerlijk X      
Café Madrid X      
Chiang Dynasty  X   X  
Crib Carnal's ribs X   X  
De Dikke Dragonder X   X  
Flavourz X   X  
Friedt  X   X  
Gastrobar 2H X   X  
Grill restaurant Gauchos X   X  
Harry's X   X  
Il Giardino X      
In d'n awwe Herberg X   X  
La Pepita X      
La Tranca X      
Le Bon Vivant X   X  
Make and take X   X  
Mediterraneo X      
Noon X      
NOVO new dining X      
Ouzeri Omega X      
Pasta Corner X   X  
Petit Café Moriaan X   X  
Piece of cake X      
Pizzaria Napoli Maastricht     X  
Restaurant Bim & Bap     X  
Restaurant Ellinikon X   X  
Restaurant Kobe X      
Restaurant La Chine X      
Restaurant Le Bon Vivant X   X  
Restaurant Rantree X      
Restaurant Rozemarijn X      
Restaurant Sint Pieter X   X  
Restaurant Quattro Mori X      
Restobar Mama X   X  
Ristopub Paletti X   X  
Roest X      
SAP X      
Semplice e buono  X   X  
Sjiek Kookpunt X      
SOFA Maastricht X      
Studio Restaurant X      
Sushi & Noodle bar Minami     X  
Tabkeaw X      
Tasty Thai X   X  
The Broth Bar X      
The Salad bar  X   X  
Tokyoto     X  
Tout à Fait X      
Toscanella Apuana X   X  
Umami X   X  
Van Wijck X   X  
Wall-Stock X      
Wycker Cabinet X      
Witloof Friterie  X      

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