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Explore Maastricht with a group

Your getaway starts in Maastricht!

Maastricht today blends the best of North and South, past and present. From historic buildings to trendy shops, stately churches to adventurous caves, and vibrant festivals to high-profile exhibitions, it offers a diverse experience. All this and more makes Maastricht a popular destination for an unforgettable group outing, a dynamic corporate event or a dazzling incentive.

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Out and about with a guide

Discover Maastricht with an Official Maastricht Guide. They will tell you their story and show you their Maastricht. Discover what lies behind the walls. What lies hidden under the ground. Our guides show you the way through the city and take you to places you wouldn't otherwise go. With a city guide, you discover and see more. They have keys and access to the places in Maastricht no one else visits. Both above and below ground.

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