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Explore the Maastricht districts

Every quarter in Maastricht has its own unique character. Experience the many different ambiances while strolling down the streets or stay the night and enjoy Maastricht to the fullest.

City centre

The city centre of Maastricht is located between the St. Servatius bridge, the Market, and Vrijthof square. Perfect for an afternoon of shopping and browsing. Visit the Mosae Forum and Entre Deux shopping centres with their varied offer of shops.

Maastricht Entre Deux Fashion Shoppen Vrijthof Markt Mosae Forum Maastricht Markt Shoppen Sissy Boy


Wyck, one of the most charming districts of Maastricht. Be enthralled by this characteristic part of Maastricht as you walk from the station towards the city centre. Historic buildings, local businesses, and cosy shops and cafés. Wyck also has many different hotels to choose from for an overnight stay.


Stokstraat quarter

The Stokstraatkwartier is highly considered by the locals and is famous for its stunning boutiques and small cafés. Spot all the fashionably dressed local women and be inspired on every corner of the street.

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Maastricht Café de Karkol Stokstraat Borrel Maastricht Shoppen Kymyka Binnenstad Centrum

Sphinx quarter

A few years ago, you wouldn't believe that you would see so much innovation and dynamism in this place. Yet this is now the reality. The Sphinx quarter is a vibrant, up-and-coming part of Maastricht and has a whole lot more to give. Home to a cool hotel, two cinemas, and fine restaurants – all next to Maastricht's old harbour.

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Maastricht Sphinxkwartier


If you walk along the Meuse via Wyck, you will soon discover a new part of Maastricht. Céramique is a relatively new part of the city and boasts some stand-out architecture. Visit the theatre and the city library and discover the best spots for a good cup of coffee.

Discover Céramique
Maastricht Bonnefantenmuseum Céramique Bezoeken Musea Maastricht Céramique Beluga

Jeker quarter

Bonjour, Maastricht! The Jeker quarter has a true je ne sais quoi, home to cosy bistros, an old mill with a spelt bakery, and live music on the streets all year round.

Visit the Jeker quarter
Maastricht Café de Pieter Jekerkwartier Jekerkwartier Jazz Wijken

Sint Pieter

Walk out of the city via Stadspark and discover Sint Pieter, a charming area of Maastricht out toward St. Pietersberg hill. For a moment, it seems as if you're no longer in the Netherlands. Come explore this beautiful district, its wonderful nature, and especially the ENCI quarry.

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Maastricht Sint Pietersberg Picknick Zomer