Businesses becoming creative in lockdown

Let us first of all emphasize the sadness and difficult choices this challenging period has brought about. Business owners have to temporarily close the doors of the businesses they have worked so hard for with so much love for so many years. People are ill or are not allowed to see their family or friends. These are sad and difficult things that we are all faced with at the moment. But this is the time where we should all come together – but at a distance, of course. Call each other or send e-mails or cards; just make sure that the special people in your life know that you are thinking about them. We need to continue to look after each other and also after ourselves, so it's amazing to see how creativity blossoms in challenging times. With their creative solutions during the partial lockdown, many business owners are showing that they are committed to their business, even in these difficult times. And we are incredibly proud of this demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit.

Because we have to look after ourselves especially well during these times, in this blog we will share all the places in Maastricht from where you can order all things beautiful and delicious and have them delivered to your home. These are businesses that usually don't deliver but are making an exception during these challenging times – and doing so with success!

The classic: Bakkerij Hermans

What's a weekend without the fresh bread rolls or delicious Maastricht vlaai (sweet tart) from bakery Bakkerij Hermans? You can now place your order throughout the week by calling or sending a WhatsApp message. After placing your order, you will receive a request for payment and your order will be delivered the next day between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon. Tip: order a whole vlaai and have half delivered to your neighbours! Follow Bakkerij Hermans on Facebook for more information.

Fine dining at home!

Beluga Loves You
Beluga Loves You is turning the situation into a fine-dining experience. This famous Maastricht restaurant quickly came up with a HOT(APP)LINE where you can simply order a three-course menu. For €35, you can have a Michelin-star experience at your own dining room table. You can also purchase a voucher for when the restaurant opens again. Let's look forward to better times and allow Beluga Loves You's exceptional kitchen team to spoil you this year. Visit their website for more information.

Wijnrestaurant Mes Amis
Mes Amis is also not letting this partial lockdown dampen their spirits. Last summer, this popular restaurant surprised us with their unique concept Wijnrestaurant op 't land (wine restaurant in the countryside) and now, they're cooking an out-of-this-world menu specially for home delivery. After all, Mes Amis understands that when one door closes, another opens. And that is the true Maastricht-style of doing things. You can enjoy their delicious regional dishes and wines in the comfort of your own home. The chef has already done most of the work; foodies at home only need to finish it (see the photo above). Chef Patriek explains every step of the way. You can choose three to seven courses, and there is plenty to choose from! What is especially unique is that Annaline has carefully selected accompanying wines from Limburg to complement the meal. View the menu here.

koffie thuisbezorgd maastricht

koffie thuisbezorgd maastricht

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blanche dael maastricht

blanche dael maastricht

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Dying for a good cup of coffee?

Blanche Dael
You could already order the tastiest coffee on the website of Maastricht's most famous coffee-roasting company Blanche Dael for some time. Although we miss that gorgeous, warm aroma that lingers on Wolfstraat where the company is located, we are happy to announce that you can now also bring a little of that Blanche-Dael feeling into your home. You can now also order sweets such as nougat bars and chocolate slabs in addition to their fresh coffee beans. The website also offers you the option to purchase a typical gift from Maastricht. As the cherry on top, there is also a code for free home delivery: ‘ikblijfthuis’. At Blanche Dael, they know what their customers need in these difficult times. View the product range here.

Usually you'd be sitting enjoying your cup of coffee in their shop on Maastrichter Heidenstraat but, unfortunately, that's not possible for the time being. Luckily, Joost and Maartje are creative enough to come up with a unique solution in the form of a breakfast service at weekends. However, this is not offered every weekend, so contact KOFFIE to be sure. The breakfast service includes breakfast classics, such as crispy croissants, fresh orange juice, and yoghurt with granola. You can even order a packet of coffee beans to make your own fresh cup of coffee at home. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when their weekend special is available.

It's healthy and delicious!

Are you getting all your vitamins? Bijzonder will make sure that you do. All you need to do is to simply place your order online. You'll also receive a €10 gift voucher with orders for more than four people. This is the definition of getting spoiled. And you can even surprise your parents with this service! Cold dishes are delivered in an environmentally friendly way by bicycle between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM. Warm dishes can be picked up at the window in their charming kitchen. Strict rules apply to ensure that pick-up is safe (but with a smile!). View the menu here.

Van Wijck
Owner Jaap van Wijck (yes, that is his real name!) has been running Van Wijck in the Wyck district (seriously, this is not a joke). This is a lovely café where you can go for all-day breakfast, healthy fruit bowls, or real comfort food. Jaap didn't allow himself to be discouraged by this new situation and quickly set up a delivery service with an extensive menu of breakfasts and delicious lunch dishes. You can even have an Afternoon Tea delivered to your home. So, what are you waiting for? View the menu here.

These days, your fridge should be bursting at the seams with high-vitamin foods. So, it's really handy that Cremerius (known for their shop in the hospital) is now also delivering. And they offer this service with a smile. You'll receive an extensive order list in a WhatsApp message. Simply your order via WhatsApp and a colourful, fresh, and fruity basket will be delivered to your door the next day. You'll receive a payment link via WhatsApp to pay for your order. So, what are waiting for? Place that order! WhatsApp via +31 (0)6 15907796.

Guilty Pleasures

Patty ’n Bun
It's now more important than ever that you look after yourself and your body. But if you're going to treat yourself, do it properly! Patty ’n Bun makes the best burgers in Maastricht. Their motto ‘We love real burgers’ is reflected in the burgers’ exceptional taste. You can order these awesome burgers via various delivery services. We would love to tell you more about their amazing menu, but the craving would just be overwhelming! So, discover Patty 'n Bun and treat yourself!