City tours

The best way to explore Maastricht. Enthusiastic locals will show you what makes the city so special, such as two basilicas, an old fortress, and centuries of history and tradition behind every door.

City tour: Highlights tour

In the space of two hours, you discover all the elements that make Maastricht Maastricht; the historic icons, cultural and culinary hotspots, and the heartbeat of the different districts of the city.

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City tour: Hidden Places, Secret Spaces

Explore what might just be the most characterful and intriguing part of Maastricht. Stunning vistas and charming places. A perfect tour during which to take photographs of the city.

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City tour: Historical Heart of Maastricht

This tour is the most popular and best known in Maastricht, and for good reason. A single route joins together the most beautiful monuments and the most charming little streets.

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City tour: Explorer Tour

The confluence of innovation and tradition and the repurposing of old buildings and former factory sites can all be seen on the streets of Maastricht. This includes an abandoned cloister being converted into a design hotel.

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