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TEFAF & the City

TEFAF & the City

Throughout the year, Maastricht is buzzing with culture and this will definitely be the case during TEFAF’s online programme. This will feature photography exhibitions, impressive expositions, international lectures, and more. The capital of Limburg continues to keep art and culture in the spotlight, even after TEFAF. For this reason, it is our belief that a stay in Maastricht would not be complete without visiting one of the many museums, theatres, cinemas, or concert buildings.


Lorraine Bodewes

Reframed is an exhibition presenting an overview of 15 years of TEFAF at Centre Céramique, featuring assay-masters, stand holders, eccentric art experts, and flamboyant visitors. Loraine Bodewes has been photographing at editions of the world famous and leading TEFAF art fair for more than fifteen years

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Loraine Bodewes Tefaf Loraine Bodewes Tefaf

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