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TEFAF & the City

When TEFAF comes to town, the whole of Maastricht seems to get into the artistic spirit. This feeling is most evident in the MECC, which hosts the exclusive and striking art fair each year. The phrase ‘art fair’ does not do the event justice, as what happens at and during TEFAF can scarcely be expressed in words. It seems as if the city is enchanted by the sense of extra elegance that TEFAF exudes, bringing together refined art connoisseurs and giving curious visitors the opportunity to admire and even purchase the impressive pieces on display. The city hosts many activities, exhibitions, and dinners that stay true to the TEFAF spirit. Pull up a chair, take part, and experience the international allure that TEFAF brings to Maastricht.


Places of interest

There are a number of locations in Maastricht that you can't miss. You simply must experience them, either in person or when viewing from afar. We are more than happy to list the places of interest, ranging from historical locations to cultural highlights. 

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Maastricht Kerk Onze Lieve Vrouweplein Sterre Der Zee Mariakapel Maastricht Cellebroederskapel Bezienswaardigheid Kerk Historisch

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TEFAF Exhibition - 11 September - 13 September 2021

The world over, the European Fine Art Fair Maastricht is seen as one of the most important exhibition for art, antiques, and design. With the most prestigious art dealers from twenty countries, TEFAF Maastricht represents a showcase for the most impressive pieces of art available on the market. TEFAF Maastricht 2021 is open onlin from Saturday 11 September to Monday 13 September 2021. More info will follow soon.

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