Visit the Jeker quarter

This is where the locals amble along the streets, students lounge in the park behind their books, and you can spend a whole Sunday on a café terrace and never get bored. And if you're really lucky, there's also a jazz band performing around the corner! The Jeker quarter is nestled between the old city walls and centuries-old houses.

Maastricht Stadspark

Whether for a romantic picnic, a culinary event, a jog or workout, or just a relaxing stroll, Maastricht's Stadspark (city park) really is a perfect place for everyone. Come explore the rich history in and around the city park. Climb the centuries-old city walls to take in the beauty of Maastricht for a moment.

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Do as the locals do in the Jekerkwartier

The charming terraces, medieval fortifications, and stunning buildings make the Jekerkwartier a wonderful district to explore. If you’d like to know more about Maastricht's Quartier Latin,

then read the blog!

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