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Jekerkwartier: enjoying the true spirit of Maastricht

If you are looking for a real local’s experience of Maastricht, then look no further than the lively Jekerkwartier. The compactness of the area and lively mix of age groups mean this part of town is open to everyone. This district really shows the best of Maastricht’s historic side. Here, you will see projects started by young entrepreneurs, and there are plenty of terraces where you can sit and take in the scenery. A walk through this district is nothing like walks through other districts. Here are the highlights!

From the city park to a terrace

A breath of fresh air truly is the best way to start your day. Park your car near the city park, so that you can start your day in the best possible way in the Jekerkwartier. Go for a stroll in the park and enjoy the soothing calm of the waterfront. This is a great place to view the old city walls, after a cup of coffee of course! Sint Pieterstraat is the place to be if you want to visit one of Maastricht's most beloved terraces.

From terraces to the old city walls

Once you're feeling energized, we recommend you make your way to the old medieval fortifications. The stairs behind the Natuurhistorisch Museum (Maastricht Museum of Natural History) are the perfect place to climb the walls and discover a part of Maastricht from a vantage point. The experience of standing in the middle of a true piece of history is one that will stay with you. Did you know that you can explore practically all of the old city centre if you follow these well-kept walls?

From the old city walls to the terraces

When in Maastricht, we should do as the locals do and enjoy a refreshing drink. Perhaps we should have a bite to eat to go with it. A perfect location for this is Koestraat – it's practically one continuous terrace and home to restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. This is a place where you are guaranteed to strike up a conversation with the table next to you. For people looking for a perfect, instagrammable shot, this is the place you've been looking for. 

From the terraces to Quartier Latin

Speaking of places that are perfect to photograph, there are many more of those in the Jekerkwartier. The liveliest streets can be found in the Quartier Latin. This is the student district, as it contains a number of university buildings, the library, the Toneelacademie institute of performative arts, jazz bars, art galleries, and Conservatorium Maastricht academy of music. If you walk towards Tongersestraat, you will get there eventually. This part of the city stands out as one of the most cultured areas in Maastricht. The narrow streets, the small businesses, and students enjoying picnics together form the perfect backdrop of what life is really like in Maastricht. 

From Quartier Latin to... the bars!

Now would be the perfect time for an aperitif. Do as the locals do, so be prepared to indulge by drinking some wine and having some snacks when you make your way back to Koestraat or the city park. Come here to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. It's the perfect end to a day of discovering the true spirit of Maastricht.

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