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Evening entertainment in Maastricht

Make the evenings you spend in Maastricht ones to remember. Take a relaxing stroll along the river Meuse, enjoy the vibrancy of a terrace, and feast on local delicacies in amazing locations. Experience vibrant cultural life including live music performances and impressive theatre performances. In Maastricht, there’s no excuse to be bored. Enjoy the moment!

Tunes and dance moves to musical sounds

It all boils down to an unforgettable evening of live music at the Muziekgieterij concert hall. Whether you’re looking to dance to the nostalgic sounds of the 80s or have a good time at a lively summer festival, you can count on a fantastic calendar of events at this music venue. From well-known top acts to promising emerging artists, each night offers a different and unique musical experience. All conceivable genres are on offer: jazz, pop, rock, country, metal, folk... you name it. Are you in the mood for an evening filled with music and fun? If so, take a quick look at the Muziekgieterij's programme and choose an evening that appeals to you.

Boschstraat 5 | Sphinxkwartier

Arthouse and cuisine combo

If you’re into arthouse cinema, Lumiere Cinema (Lumière Cinema Restaurant Café) will be screening the perfect film for you. From interesting documentaries to cultural and international cinematography... the film programme at Lumière never disappoints. And the great thing about Lumière Cinema is that you can combine a film with dinner beforehand or a drink afterwards in the restaurant café, a special restaurant with outdoor area located by the water in 't Bassin area. That’s how you turn it into a real night out.

Lumière Cinema
Bassin 88 | Sphinxkwartier

Walking, exploring, and taking a break

From Slavante to the ENCI quarry, Mount Saint Peter (Sint Pietersberg) never fails to amaze. A magnificent nature reserve with a variety of tourist attractions and activities. During the day, you can enjoy a tour of the marl caves, where a guide will lead you through the darkness while you explore impressive works of art. Afterwards, go for a long walk across the ‘mountain’, and arrive at a number of vantage points: the viewing platform at the ENCI quarry, the Kiekoet, a bird-watching spot made of COR-TEN steel overlooking the Oehoevallei (Eagle-owl valley), and views of Château Neercanne. End the day in style with dinner at Buitengoed Slavante restaurant. Here, you can enjoy fantastic views of the vineyard with the Meuse in the background. And if you’re lucky, catch the sunset!

Buitengoed Slavante
Slavante 1 | Sint Pietersberg

A taste of history on an artisan getaway

Not so much for in the evening, but a great suggestion for late afternoon: a tour of the brewing history of Bosch Brewery, Maastricht's last remaining city brewery. A place where tradition and craftsmanship come together. Explore the well-preserved maltings, brewery and brewer's residence, and be transported back to a time when beer was still brewed with craftsmanship. Be amazed by the flavours of the brewery’s craft beers by opting for the ‘Grand Chique de Maastricht’ tour. As well as sampling a number of different beers, you also get to enjoy coffee, chocolates, and the establishment’s delicious Bosch beer. What a treat!

Bosch Brewery
Wycker Grachtstraat 26 | Wyck

A hidden gem

A marina located five minutes from the city centre, 't Bassin is a special place you shouldn’t forget to visit. A vibrant part of Maastricht that has lots to offer. Go to the cinema at Lumière, take a boat trip on the sloop, and enjoy delicious seafood at one of the top restaurants located on the waterfront. Although many people have yet to really discover it, 't Bassin is a special spot that is popular in the evening with the multitude of lights illuminating the harbour. A hidden gem that puts you in holiday mood any time of the year.

Marina 't Bassin
't Bassin | Sphinxkwartier

It’s showtime!

Going to the theatre is an excellent idea when the cultural season is in full swing. Enjoy a variety of performances with your sweetheart at the Theatre aan het Vrijthof (Theater aan het Vrijthof). This is the one place where culture comes to life. Art and entertainment merge harmoniously in this magnificent historical building. The theatre offers a diverse and exciting programme, with something for everyone: dance, music, theatre, musicals and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Theatre aan het Vrijthof
Vrijthof | Binnenstad

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