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Love to shop local in Maastricht

Local businesses: you will find them everywhere in Maastricht. And we’re certainly fortunate in this respect! Local businesses tend to offer the best products, after all. You often find these hidden gems at unexpected locations throughout the city. All the more reason to shop locally this December! Did you know that most local businesses can also be found online? So, even if you want to shop locally from your comfy armchair at home, they are happy to be of service to you. Love it!

Artisanal breads & cheeses at Le Salonard in the Jeker Quarter

A unique shopping tour of Maastricht - Categorized by quarter

Would you like to get your shopping done in a completely new way? We understand perfectly. Queueing up for hours to sift through piles and piles of stuff is not everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon, after all. Aside from that, there’s no reason for shopping to be such a time-consuming activity. If you set yourself some clear goals before you walk out the door, you will come home with the loveliest things – and even have time left to admire them ;-) That’s why we are taking you on a tour of Maastricht’s best shops!

Vintage shopping in Wyck

Wyck - Vintage & creative manufacturing

Let’s start in Wyck. This special part of the city is proudly situated on the banks of the Meuse, between the railway station and the Old Bridge that connects it to the city centre. Wyck is known for its colourful locals. Everything is just a bit more down to earth, a bit bolder, in this part of Maastricht. You can hardly compare Wyck to the historic city centre. What also makes it interesting is that it borders an architectural landmark: Céramique. Of course, we want you to explore it by yourself, but we thought we’d give you a little head start. Discover the amazing products offered by VerwonderinG, for example. And don’t walk past Villa Trepetie without popping in for a look at their stunning home decorating items. Wyck is also famous for its vintage shops: a real must-visit! If vintage makes your heart beat faster, be sure to read the blog ‘Vintage shopping in Maastricht’.

Romantic Wyck

The Stokstraat Quarter - Stylish & trendy

The Stokstraat Quarter is famous, both in the Netherlands and internationally, as a paradise for the truly stylish shopper. Its fashionable boutiques, such as Kiki Niesten, are well-known by the entire Dutch population. This is where you will find some genuinely exclusive items, what we call ‘gifts for a lifetime’. Stroll through the romantically illuminated streets and take in the beautifully done-up shop windows. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Darq and an extensive late lunch at Petit Café Moriaan, the smallest pub in the Netherlands, located on a beautiful square called Op de Thermen. This is where you will experience Maastricht in all its unique splendour! Be sure to take out enough time to discover all this quarter has to offer.

Hot chocolate with a Maastricht chocolate kiss (called a ‘puneke’) at Darq

The Sphinx Quarter - Innovation at its purest

Have you visited the Sphinx Quarter yet? If your last visit to Maastricht was more than five years ago, chances are that you have never been here. This quarter is the up-and-coming place to be. With the former Sphinx Factory – where sanitary fittings and fine china were once produced – at its centre, it’s no coincidence that this quarter is home to Maastricht’s creative manufacturing industry. Stroll through the Sphinxpassage to dive into the unique history of this quarter. You will also find the Bold Rooftopbar and The Social Hub on the former factory premises. They are definitely worth a visit! And if you happen to have a green thumb, stroll down Boschstraat to Wonderwoud. Across from it, you will find Confetti: the perfect place for a cup of coffee with the kids and the best presents for the littlest ones.

The unique Sphinxpassage

The Jeker Quarter - Petit Paris

You will find the Jeker Quarter nestled in between the city park (Stadspark) and the historic city centre. Its romantic little streets, such as Tafelstraat and 't Kleine Grachtje (the Small Canal) give this quarter a truly French atmosphere. The mouth-watering cuisine of restaurants such as Le Fernand will instantly transport you to France. Literally walk through the Bishop’s Mill to learn how they bake their spelt bread according to artisanal methods, including – I’m not kidding – a genuine water mill. Or how about buying a stylish hat at Atelier Pauline, or sampling some local delicacies at Le Salonard? There’s no better place for a leisurely stroll than the Jeker Quarter!

Trying on a hat at Atelier Pauline

Christmas market - A true December shopping highlight

Just like every year, Vrijthof square has been festooned with sparkly Christmas decorations. Exactly what we all need in times like these! COVID-conscious, with plenty of space for everyone, and bursting with winter fun for the whole family. Take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel, and tie on your skates in the covered ice rink! What are you waiting for? Come and explore the magic of Maastricht!