Stroll around the Sphinxkwartier | Light Route

Distance 2.7 km

The Stroll around the Sphinxkwartier will take you on a journey to discover old and new Maastricht. Here, former factories have been given a new lease of life; be wowed by the combination of modern architecture and original features. The Sphinxkwartier is an industrial district with a proud historic harbour in its centre.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Mosae Forum
6211 DS Maastricht

Laag Mosae Forum 40
6211 JW Maastricht

The City Hall

Markt 78
6211 CL Maastricht


Capucijnenstraat 98
6211 RT Maastricht

The Sphinx passage

Boschstraat 23 b

Boschstraat 5
6211 AS Maastricht
Bureau Europa

Bureau Europa

Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 9
6211 AS Maastricht
Lumière interior

Lumière Cinema

Bassin 88
6211 AK Maastricht
End point: Mosae Forum
6211 DS Maastricht