Strength in solidarity

The streets of Maastricht have become quiet. The entire world is in the grip of the coronavirus and it has proven to be a challenging time for everyone. With people fighting the virus in hospitals every day, being stuck at home is the least of our problems. Business owners see that their businesses are in danger; businesses they have worked so hard for with so much love for so many years. Will they overcome this crisis? But it is important to remember that we are stronger together. That's why we have to join forces and come together in this time, but at a distance of course. On this page we will show you what is being done in our city, who the 'Maastricht heroes' are, what you can participate in, and what you can enjoy from home. Maastricht supports local! We call on business owners, residents, young and old: let's come together at a distance, so that we can overcome this, stronger than ever. In the Maastricht dialect, we say haw pin (keep courage): keep your chin up and stay strong! Because one thing is sure: the Spirit of Maastricht is stronger than ever!

Bring some culture into your home - The cultural events calendar for people staying at home

Home agenda

On the ‘Thuis in Maastricht’ (home in Maastricht) platform you can learn about the districts, people, and stories of Maastricht. Because we will mainly be staying at home for the next few weeks, ‘Thuis in Maastricht’ provides entertainment from the comfort of your own sofa. Instead of offering suggestions for what to do in Maastricht, it helps you to find things to do at home, like listening to the Mayor reading a story, live concerts, special stories, and the online show ‘Wawwelbox’ where locals get to have their say. This is exactly what we need to keep up our spirits during these uncertain times!

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Hello, who am I speaking to? - The call centre has temporarily been turned into a ‘chat centre’

To help combat loneliness in this time of social distancing. Where you would usually go for a daily walk and chat to people at the shopping centre, these days you are often stuck at home for days on end. We can imagine that you might be feeling a little desperate for a casual chat, talking about the weather, about Maastricht, about the good old days, or maybe you just need to talk about your worries. That's why our call centre, normally set up to help visitors on their way in Maastricht, has been temporarily converted to offer that important daily chat. So, if you're in need of a good conversation, pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and call us! You can reach us at +31 (0)43-3252121 between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Ode to Joy

On Sunday 22 January, Mayor of Maastricht Annemarie Penn-te Strake called on the city to make music, together. Professional and amateur musicians were asked to play ‘Ode to Joy’ at exactly 6:00 PM, whether it was on the harmonica, trumpet, piano, or by singing. On Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, you could hear Maastricht give sound to solidarity. It was an incredible moment and the submissions came pouring in. A short compilation can be found via the button, but every day at 6:00 PM we share one of the videos via our Facebook page under the name 'ZESUURTJE: Muziek in 't buurtje'. What a lot of joy!

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Haw Pin

In the Maastricht dialect, we say haw pin (keep courage) when we need to keep our chins up, a sentiment that is incredibly important in the current situation. We designed this window poster inspired by the Angel-Side supporters club of Maastricht football club MVV who had hung a fantastic banner on the Maastricht University Medical Centre + (MUMC+) to compliment and support the healthcare staff. We are stronger, together! You can print your own window poster or order the A2 poster. €3 from each poster is donated to Stichting met je Hart, an organization that helps to prevent loneliness among the elderly by doing things such as taking them out to town. This means that you'll also be supporting the cafés and restaurants in Maastricht! Share your photos on social media using the @visitmaastricht tag.

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Maastricht heroes - Blogs about the heroes of Maastricht