The locals make Maastricht

There is nothing as unique to a city as its locals. Now that it has been quiet in Maastricht for a while, it is time to come and enjoy the city again. On this page, we’ll show you what’s being done in our city, who the ‘Maastricht heroes’ are, what you can participate in, and what you can enjoy from home. Maastricht loves local! We’re calling on business owners, residents, young and old: let’s come together at a distance. Because one thing is sure: the Spirit of Maastricht is stronger than ever!

Eurotrip in Maastricht - Experience Belgium, France, Spain, and Italy in Maastricht

Wyck Maastricht Kinderkopkes Ontdek

Wyck Maastricht Kinderkopkes Ontdek

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Maastricht Bereikbaar Fietsenstalling Vrijthof Parkeren

Maastricht Bereikbaar Fietsenstalling Vrijthof Parkeren

© Maastricht Marketing

Visit Maastricht...safely

Maastricht city centre has recently been equipped with pedestrian routes. The routes, signs and hospitality guides in some shopping areas will show you the best way to navigate the city safely. It might take some getting used to, but this is the best way for us to enjoy Maastricht again. Read on and get ready for your visit to the city. 

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Maastricht Visitor Center

This is the ultimate place for information and inspiration about Maastricht, located in the Dinghuis building on Kleine Staat 1. At the Visitor Center you can get everything from souvenirs and walking route maps to tickets for guided tours.

You can visit our shop from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. You can still submit your questions via e-mail, telephone, or WhatsApp. We are happy to help!

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Buy locally! - Some great initiatives that make it even more attractive to shop locally