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Offline in Maastricht

Nowadays, taking time to slow down and enjoying some peace and quiet are no longer reserved for getaways off the beaten track. That's because city trips can now ensure total relaxation and a healthy dose of new inspiration. And that's definitely the case in Maastricht, especially when you go on an offline tour of Maastricht. This means taking a while to escape from all the prompts and alerts that are so prevalent in the online world and embracing the city, people, sensations, and colours around you. Maastricht is a city that is all about the good life. It's bustling, has a wealth of quiet spaces that provide a sense of calm, and is home to many cultural institutions that stimulate your senses. Look up at the beautiful facades, towers, and nature around you. Ask for directions and strike up a conversation with a local. Make changes to your route on the fly and stroll through the nature and many hidden places just beyond the city walls. Stay for a while, book an overnight stay, and treat yourself to one more cup of coffee. Let your sense of adventure guide you.
Take your time. You won't regret it.

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If you'd like to let your friends and family know that you're offline in Maastricht and you won't be available for a while, then here are some GIFs to help get the message across. These GIFs can be found on with the tags offline, maastricht, digital detox, and maas.


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