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Five tips

Tip 1

Visit Maastricht during weekdays. From Sunday to Thursday, everything‘s just that little bit different in Maastricht. It’s quieter and less crowded, but still with plenty of things to do. This makes it the perfect time for a Digital Detox. If you're looking for tips on what to do during a weekday stay, we have plenty of information on Maastricht Midweekends.

Tip 2

Let your family, friends, and followers know what you'll be doing before you head off. That way, they'll know where you are without needing constant message and picture updates – you're under pressure to share any details as soon as possible.

Tip 3

You can go offline for an hour, a day, or a whole weekend. The length of time doesn't matter, as long as you're mindful of it. As Sally Wyatt, Professor of digital culture at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sally Wyatt says in Flow Magazine, ‘Whenever you choose to be online, make sure it's a conscious choice rather than the default.’ You can read the entire interview in the special Flow booklet.

Tip 4

Go on a guided tour. The interesting stories, facts, and tips that the tour guides share mean you'll have all the information you need about things around you and really get involved in the walk. You won't even feel the need to look at your phone.

Tip 5

Take your time and book an overnight stay. There's so much to see and do, especially in the Euregio (Belgium and Germany are barely a stone’s throw away), that you'd hardly want to rush it all – especially during a Digital Detox! So make sure you have plenty of time for detours and changes to your plans. Find a great place to spend the night.

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