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Tour and tasting at the De Apostelhoeve vineyard


This Burgundian program is an absolute must for both the real wine connoisseur and the occasional drinker!


Vineyard Apostelhoeve
Susserweg 201
6213 NE Maastricht
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Maastricht has traditionally been a true wine city. Centuries ago, wine grapes were already cultivated here. At the top of the Louwberg, overlooking the beautiful Jekerdal on the south side of Maastricht, lies the monumental Apostelhoeve from the 15th century; the oldest and largest vineyard in the Netherlands!

During a guided tour, you walk among the vines with a beautiful view over the Jekerdal and learn all about wine cultivation. You'll see the facilities such as the grape press, fermentation tanks, and bottling machine. Afterwards, you can enjoy a delightful wine tasting, all accompanied by an expert winemaker. Santé!


  • Daily


  • €22.50