Slagerij Van Melick Du Chef


Laag Mosae Forum 13
6211 DV Maastricht
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Butcher Van Melik Du Chef  Our meat products can be found on genuine and traditional way prepared according to traditional recipes using the best ingredients. You will  find a wide selection of fresh meat an specially prepared and presented meals.  What's cozier than BBQ together on a summer day? Delicious feast of juicy grilled meat specialties with a delicious salad and amazing sauces. That's fun! At Van Melik Du Chef we make it more easily this summer with a tasty selection of barbecue hits: marinated meat specialties, delicious skewers, sausages, salads and sauces. Also try our best specials for an extra culinary flair. You can choose your favorite BBQ package and we have also a number of tasty combinations te offer.


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