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Old Governement


The former provincial government building of Limburg, located in the historic centre of Maastricht.


Bouillonstraat 1
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The old Governement is the former provincial government building of Limburg, located between Bouillonstraat and Lenculenstraat in the historic centre of the Dutch city of Maastricht. The building, with its distinctive tower in expressionist brick architecture, dates from the early 1930s, is a national heritage site, and is currently used as a university building.

Parts of the building were thoroughly renovated in 2009-2010. Since 1990, it has housed the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University, referred to both by its Dutch name, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, and its English name, Faculty of Law. In its current function, the building contains around twenty teaching rooms, IT rooms, and various lecture halls. For their relaxation, the approximately 3,400 law students have access to an inner garden with a Law Café and terrace. In addition to the old Governement, the Faculty of Law is also housed in the Hustinx House.