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Treasury of St Servatius’ Basilica


Visit the oldest pilgrimage church of The Netherlands, the burial site of Saint Servatius, and its famous Treasury.

The shrine of St Servatius, also referred to as the Noodkist, contains the relics of the Netherlands’ first bishop. It is a beautiful example of Mosan goldsmith craftsmanship and is carried through the streets of Maastricht every seven years during the Procession of Holy Relics (Heiligdomsvaart). It is now permanently on display in the northern transept of the basilica.

In the Treasury, you can admire the reliquary bust of Saint Servatius as well as objects that are attributed to the city patron, such as the bishop’s staff, his pectoral cross, and the unique Carolingian Key of Servatius. A rich collection of reliquaries in precious metal and ivory is displayed around these objects. You can also marvel at the unique collection of silk fabrics from the sixth century onwards, as well as the many paintings and sculptures. 

Opening times

  • Every monday from 10:00 to 18:00
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  • Note: opening times may be different during public holidays
  • During the summer we have longer opening times !


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