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Tips from local businesses

Businesses in Maastricht lend a helping hand

Local businesses in Maastricht have proven that they are certainly not lacking in creativity. In this blog, we want to help you enjoy this creativity from the comfort of your own home, by sharing a few tips and tricks to make this time just a little bit cosier, more fun, and more beautiful. Whether it's Spanish snack platters or upgrading your wardrobe with just one item, together we can make the most of this situation and do so in that classic Maastricht style. With thanks to all the Maastricht locals of whom we are incredibly proud.

Personal shopping at Noir

Ambitious and stylish business owner Renee Reinders is a true Maastricht local who has proven her creativity in these circumstances. She wants to lend a helping hand by inspiring us with a few tips. ‘Make sure that you have one essential item in your wardrobe that you can wear with anything. Take, for example, this summer knit made from 60% cotton. This looks great worn with trousers, jeans, or a cute skirt. This is the Albi Knit by Selected Femme, available in white and dark blue and can be ordered online from Noir.’ Noir also offers a personal shopping session or you can ask a question via WhatsApp. ‘I was asked by someone to find a white top to match her lilac skirt. I pulled all the white tops off the racks and photographed them on a mannequin wearing a similar-coloured skirt. It worked like a charm and I delivered the order personally to the customer that same day.’ Now that is doing business creatively.

Wining and dining like a pro - like only the people of Maastricht can!

Traiteur Saveurs
Saveurs is one of the most popular delicatessen in Maastricht and knows exactly what it means to enjoy life in that traditional Limburg style. To make sure that the locals can still enjoy their tasty dishes, Saveurs has started their TAPAS order service. If you can't go out to eat, you might as well eat it at home! You can place your order by telephone after which it is delivered to your home in Maastricht for free. And here is their tip to create your own professional snack platter. Take the largest wooden board or tray you have. Collect various little glasses and bowls and divide the tapas over the board. Use toothpicks to make a few colourful little flags and your platter is done!

Adriaan de Smaakmaker
As you look at the tasty delights on display at Adriaan de Smaakmaker, across from Café Sjiek, your mouth will undoubtedly start to water. This shop selling local products is located on one of the most vibrant streets in Maastricht. The staff will be happy to lend you a helping hand and inspire you with recipes, so that you can make a fantastic dish in the blink of an eye with regional products. Who wouldn't love that? For example, if you buy a jar of soft and sweet lemon curd, you also receive a recipe for a delicious tiramisu with lemon curd and limoncello. Didn't we tell you that your mouth would start to water?

Thiessen Wijnkoopers
Maastricht certainly has no shortage of good Limburg wines, because Thiessen Wijnkoopers is offering the best wines from the region on their website. How does a fantastic bottle of wine from Apostelhoeve wine estate sound? Or do you prefer the typical minerality of the Maastricht marl soil that you can taste in the Müller-Thurgau? The fruity notes of this wine pair well with almost anything. Send a message if you would like some personal advice or give them a call. Continue to enjoy the best things in life, even if you have to enjoy them alone.

De Verwondering
As the name suggests (verwondering means amazement in Dutch), you'll continue to be amazed by the product range of De Verwondering. The always enthusiastic staff continue to work hard to spread as much positivity as possible during this time. For example, in the first week of April they donated lovely seed packets to the staff at the Maastricht University Medical Center+ as a special gesture. Because we'll all be spending a lot of time at home in the coming weeks, it is great to find new ways to keep ourselves busy or creative. De Verwondering sells colouring books that can do exactly that. And these are not just any colouring books, but books such as the Earth Space Coloring Book with more than 35 unique images of Earth and space that will keep you entertained for hours. De Verwondering also delivers.

Dominicanen Bookshop
Oh, how we miss the hours spent browsing at Dominicanen Bookshop and that great cup of coffee from Coffeelovers... But don't be disheartened! You can now order the most wonderful books by telephone at +31 (0)43 4100 010. The books are delivered to your home by a bicycle courier. For example, you can treat yourself to the latest book by Dutch author Splinter Chabot. In Confettiregen he uses memories from his time at the nursery to his student days to show how important it is to dare to be different and have the freedom to be yourself. But there are also plenty of fun books for the little ones, like the accordion book De verhuisdieren, which shows which of their favourite items animals take with them when they move. Reading pleasure is guaranteed!

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