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Sophisticated Céramique bursting with energy

If you are actually part of a larger whole but you are identified as a separate entity due to your individuality, then you are by definition doing well. So let's hear it for Céramique! This beautiful part of Maastricht used to be considered part of Wyck, but thanks to its international character this part of the city has officially been a separate district for some time now. Here you can stroll through quiet open spaces, simultaneously calming yet bubbling with energy. It's a contrast that is not often encountered in a city. The sophisticated Céramique district represents a mix of culture, gastronomy, and architecture that appeals to locals and tourists alike.

Breathe in, breathe out

The word ‘city’ is generally associated with bustle and busyness; yet here and there you will find spots that exude both the energy of a metropolis and a sense of calm. That's exactly the feeling you get when you walk into Céramique from the left (west) bank of the Meuse river. That's chiefly thanks to the High Bridge (Hoeg Brögk in Maastricht dialect) pedestrian and cycle bridge. This work of art is not only a handy route across the river to the city centre, but also the ideal point to get an impression of Maastricht from a distance. Once you reach the middle of the bridge, close your eyes for a moment and just listen to the noise of the city in the background. Enjoy it.

Then take that positive feeling with you as you leave the bridge behind you. There you will find a very popular Maastricht picnic spot. People sit and chat on the wall alongside the Meuse river. It's a great spot - just walk by and soak up the atmosphere. Water is and always will be a magnet to people who like to sit outside, as demonstrated by the many successful cafés, restaurants, and hotels in this area. Time for a drink!


Culture lovers can also find plenty to attract them in Céramique. From the Meuse, you walk straight on to Plein 1992, a large and beautiful open space. With the Bonnefantenmuseum, Centre Céramique, and the Wiebengahal, Céramique is the ideal district for artistic souls. There's a constant stream of innovative activities and new exhibitions. The buildings themselves are of a high architectural level, which adds an extra bonus to your walk. By the way, did you know that government architect Jo Coenen designed almost all of the Plein 1992 complex in the early 1990s with the aim of beautifying this section of Maastricht? He certainly succeeded in that!

Is this still Maastricht?

Having had your fill of art and culture, you can continue your walk in the residential area around the inspiring square. The atmosphere and architecture here have a very worldly quality. The long avenue separating the tall apartment buildings gives Maastricht the allure of a European capital. You'd be forgiven for wondering which language to speak!

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