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Shopping in style in Maastricht, the city of good taste

Although Maastricht cannot compete with the world's biggest cities in terms of population, it still has a magical appeal to anyone who loves shopping. That's because Maastricht is a city with charm, where people don't simply walk around but parade.

The streets paved with the characteristic large cobblestones are not very practical for high-heeled ladies. Nevertheless, it is immediately striking to any visitor to the city that not only the ladies but also the gentlemen like to ‘dress to impress’ before setting out to parade through the cobbled streets. Even if they are just walking from home to the office, the Maastricht people like to display their good taste. These days in particular, it is clear that people who love shopping – young and old – are not only interested in what the shops have to offer, but also in the atmosphere and the charm that the shops and the shop staff emanate.

Maastricht certainly scores very highly on those points. The historical city centre creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Cities built on the banks of rivers always have an advantage when it comes to their ‘feel’. The city also has various different 'quartiers,' each with its own character. You can really sense it! Many residents of nearby Hasselt and Liège in Belgium and Aachen in Germany also like to come to this old Roman city to combine shopping with a visit to a restaurant or an attractive café terrace.

It is not only the Maastricht people who are known for their good taste; it's the entrepreneurs too. This is especially evident as you stroll past the impressive boutiques in the Stokstraat quarter. The well-known boutique of Kiki Niesten is a wonderful example; Maastricht-style entrepreneurship in its most beautiful form. Besides Kiki Niesten, you will find many other fashion shops in this exceptional part of the city. Add to these the high-end department store De Bijenkorf and the newly-opened top jewellers Schaap en Citroen.... Need we say more?

In the adjacent Jeker quarter, we find mainly small galleries, wine bars, and delicatessens with fantastic local products. Here too, Maastricht entrepreneurship is buzzing and ambitious. It's an experience in itself.

On the other side of the Meuse, the shopping experience is very different. The district of Wyck, with its almost Parisian feel, has a mix of wonderful cafés and restaurants, art galleries, and shops with a unique character. This is where we find the fine jeweller's Leon Martens, right next door to the Hermès Boutique and opposite the exclusive optician and eyewear shop Mestrini. Heading towards the railway station, we find shops catering to the fashion-conscious man, offering the most beautiful Italian-designed men's clothing. They too demonstrate that people in Maastricht know what good taste is, and they are happy to tell you all about it too. The side streets of Wyck, such as Rechtstraat, are full of mainly small, independent, and original boutiques that attract attention from passers-by.

Maastricht: the city of good taste. Looking for that perfect outfit, welcoming and helpful shop staff who will give you their honest opinion, and a relaxing shopping experience? Prepare to be impressed in Maastricht. Before you know it, you'll be parading through the cobbled streets yourself.