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Private Tour Casemates Waldeck


Discover how a good defence is the best form of attack! Enter the fourteen kilometres of underground brick tunnels and mine galleries to be transported back to the time of the Maastricht sieges. Would you like to learn about Maastricht's history as a fortified city?

This tour will show you! Holding onto a paraffin lamp for light, you'll follow the Maastricht Underground guide through a labyrinth of dark corridors, visiting impressive bomb shelters, and numerous power rooms, staircases, and galleries. The enthusiastic guide will tell you exciting stories about the life of soldiers during the sieges. For a brief moment, you'll be transported back to the past and imagine a life in times gone by. History comes to life! Once the tour has ended, you'll have a good impression of the details surrounding this unique monument of military engineering. Imagination and guts required! 


  • Daily until february 28th, 2025


  • €8.75 Minimum purchase: 15