Joost Vrouenraets | 2020: Never doubt I love


Warning! This event has been cancelled

Due to the ramped-up measures to combat spreading of the coronavirus this event has been cancelled. For up-to-date information on events, please check the organizer’s website.

With this new dance performance, Joost Vrouenraets shows that he is a child of this zeitgeist: driven by diversity, not restrained by conventions, single disciplines or social themes such as gender equality and inclusion.

In 2020: Never doubt I love, he effortlessly intertwines artistic research with social science. Based on his research into the relationship between the human body, Shakespeare and (the perception of) madness in our society, he makes a performance in which he reconciles dance and theater, body and cognition, Ophelia and Hamlet in 2020.


  • Friday the 4th of December 2020at 20:30


  • €15.00