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NDT 2 | Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango

In Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango NDT presents a surprising mix of four contrasting choreographical voices, challenging the younger dancers of NDT 2 to spread their wings over the evening. 

Medhi Walerski (danced with both NDT 2 as NDT 1) will create a new work for the second company. This world premiere will be joined by the critically acclaimed Wir sagen uns Dunkles (2017) by associate choreographer Marco Goecke. In his creation, Goecke’s idiosyncratic movement language is complemented by music by Schubert, Schnittke and Placebo. 

Additionally, Sara (2013) by the innovative duo Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar returns to the NDT stage. Eyal and Behar will work together with NDT 2 on a renewed version of their mysterious work. And French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois will show an expanded version of Fugue Table (2010); a piece in which imperceptibly navigates between physics and poetry, dance and acrobatics.


  • €30.00