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philharmonie zuidnederland | Mahlers Zevende Symfonie

Like the mythical figure Icarus, the composer wants to give wings to his inspiration and have it soar to unimaginable heights. In his enigmatic Seventh Symphony, Gustav Mahler completes a mystical flight from darkness to the liberating light. For this ‘nocturnal’ symphony, Mahler incorporated intimate mandolin and guitar strumming in the overwhelming world of sounds coming from the thickly filled ranks of the symphony orchestra.

In Samuel Barber’s Night Flight, there is hope too. This moving piece of music translates the loneliness of the allied pilots who, in World War II, returned back home, in the middle of the night, after having carried out heavy bombardments. Inspiringly conducted by Claus Peter Flor. “Magical, no one can carry so much nuance and supercharged pianissimos into the music like he can” (The Dallas Morning News). The orchestra is guaranteed to take you to true terra incognita.


  • €21.00