philharmonie zuidnederland | Wonder

Due to the ramped-up measures to combat spreading of the coronavirus this event has been cancelled. For up-to-date information on events, please check the organizer’s website.

Special times call for wonderful music. We have seen this happen in different ways over the centuries. This is where the absolute resilience of creative people lies.

This also the case with Beethoven. When he noticed he became deaf, he remarkably composed one of his most cheerful symphonies. In contrast to his exuberant ballet music, Stravinsky wrote penetrating and subdued music with Symphonies of Wind Instruments. The core of this almost ritualistic work consists of a chorale that Stravinsky wrote in 1918 as a homage to the deceased Debussy. Anthony Fiumara is a composer who wants to be understood immediately. His See the Sky About to Rain is a song of hope and consolation about the strange times we live in.


  • Thursday the 29th of October 2020from 20:00 to 21:00


  • from €5.00 to €15.00