Discoshow | Thank God It's Donna!

Last Dance, I Feel Love, Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, Could It Be Magic, MacArthur Park: Donna Summer is back! The icon of the disco that changed the dance music forever with I Feel Love and had its biggest hit with Last Dance, from the movie Thank God It's Friday. The undisputed Queen of Disco is the centerpiece in this sparkling show full of glitz and glamour and all the world hits. Sing and dance along with the Stars On Broadway all-star cast! Experience Donna's gripping life story that started in the Netherlands and ended on 9/11 with the inhalation of the toxic gases of the Twin Towers, so that her voice eventually came to a standstill. Thank God It's Donna! is the ultimate disco show that everyone thought we would never experience again.


  • Saturday the 29th of January 2022at 20:00


  • €27.50