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Korzo DansClick | 21

The twenty-first edition of DansClick presents the winners of the 2019 BNG Bank Dance Prize: Sarada Sarita and Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert. Sarada Sarita is the figurehead of the Dutch New Way Vogue. In Q4: Quantified, she advocates equality and stereotypical thinking. Sarita lets her dancers break out of geometric patterns with almost impossible arm movements and fluent, flexible poses. Anyone who sees Christian De Donder and Sedrig Verwoert in their owncreation, They/Them would think they had been an inseparable duo for years. The autobiographical duet is about racism, toxic masculinity, and queerphobia.  The artists introduce themselves in video portraits and, after the performance, they invite the audience to meet and talk about the performance while enjoying drinks.


  • €15.00