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Ashton Brothers | A Medicine Show


The Ashton Brothers are back after the great success of their summer spectacle Ashtonia.

Rebellious, fearless, musical and hilarious: the Ashton Brothers! After a long journey with the Ashtonia circus family, Ashton Brothers Pim Muda, Joost Spijkers and Friso van Vemd retreated for a year to create new ideas. Back to basics again. But they couldn't stay away long. The world needs help. The help of theatrical quacks, the medicine of laughter.

After the huge success of their summer spectacle Ashtonia, the Ashton Brothers are back in the theater. They guarantee unparalleled medicine against misery. Because sitting still and waiting is simply not in the Ashton DNA. Moving flexibly with the little space that the corona measures offer them, the brothers present a corona test theater concept. The variety show is loosely based on the success show Charlatans, a medicine show with which the group received only 5 star reviews at home and abroad 12 years ago.


  • €27.50