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Ballet de Lorraine | Elementen 1 – Room & Le surréalisme au service de la Revolution

The Flemish-Swiss Cindy Van Acker opens this exciting double bill with her Elements 1 - Room, a dance performance that revolves around the idea of ​​limitations. It is the first in a series of pieces that Van Acker wants to dedicate to the geometric principles of the Greek mathematician Euclid. The prominent Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau was inspired for his piece by surrealist Luis Buñuel and his predilection for dreams, social criticism and the traditional Spanish folk drum.

Southern surrealism and Swiss precision in a contrasting double bill.

Anyone who can remember or hear about the hallucinatory performance Oskara by Kukai Dantza (Dutch premiere 2016 in Theater aan het Vrijthof) will never hesitate to come and enjoy this new work by Marcos Morau. For the others: catch up! You cannot stay behind! And Van Acker is at least as interesting.


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