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Rock Fossils on Tour

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When a scientist discovers a new, completely unknown fossil, they are allowed to name their discovery. Sometimes the shape of the animal determines the name and at other times it might be the location of the discovery. But some of these scientists decide to name their fossil after their favourite rock star. The new exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Maastricht titled Rock Fossils on Tour showcases a series of realistic models of bizarre fossils. All of these fossils have been named after a pop artist, rock star, or master of metal. Rock Fossils on Tour shows that natural history has a sense of humour too! This unique and slightly bizarre exhibition brings together fossils and rock stars in an extraordinary way.


  • Adults€7.20
  • Seniors€5.20
  • ChildrenFree
  • Children€4.60
  • MJK (Museumjaarkaart)Free
  • Students€6.20
  • CJP (Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort)€6.20


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