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Wijnrestaurant op het land

In the Spring of 2019, on the border of Belgium and Maastricht, hidden in the green hills, the rolling South Limburg landscape will be transformed into a unique gastronomic location, where regional wines go hand in hand with culinary surprises. In the midst of the vines a temporary pavilion, called “Wijnrestaurant op het land” will be established, where you can enjoy the most beautiful regional wine and food creations.

Enjoy among the vines.

Imagine enjoying delicious Southern Limburg regional dishes such as asparagus from the rich Limburg soil, veal tartar from the Blanc Blue Belgerund or the Limburg caprese, tastefully accompanied by specially selected wines from the region. This is no regular restaurant but in a unique pop-up restaurant on the border between Maastricht and Belgium, right among the vines!


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