Images from the Unconscious

The exhibition 'Images from the Unconscious' displays a selection of artworks by Adelina Gomes, Carlos Pertuis and Fernando Diniz, who each worked with psychiatrist Nise da Silveira for nearly half a century. These works include neolithic sculptures, a series of painted floral transformations, sun paintings made with wax crayons and the mandala drawings hailed by Jung. Over the years, the rare collection grew to approximately 400,000 works and is officially recognized as artistic Brazilian heritage.

In 1946, the Brazilian psychiatrist Nise da Silveira started the Occupational Therapy Ward at the Centro Psiquiátrico Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. In a time when psychiatric treatment methods such as electroshock, lobotomy, and insulin coma were conventional, she believed that in order to help patients, they should be allowed to express their grief, not be numbed. Her creative activities proved to be a powerful means both to calm schizophrenics and access their inner worlds. 


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