Buurmans Keukenparade 5+ | PLAN D


Warning! This event has been cancelled

Due to the ramped-up measures to combat spreading of the coronavirus this event has been cancelled. For up-to-date information on events, please check the organizer’s website.

Where are you allowed to slurp at table? What do forgotten vegetables taste like? Is pitaya really dangerous and what does  ‘the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach’ mean?

The whole stage is a melting pot of smells, colors and flavors. In this great world kitchen, stories are told about kosher and halal, about kletskoek and Flemish fries, about couscous and a meatball. Cooking connects cultures and biscuits and cakes are food for the soul. In this tasty voyage of discovery through world cuisine, a range of dishes and customs pass by that tell something about the inhabitants and the country of origin.


  • Saturday the 31st of October 2020at 16:00


  • Adults€11.00
  • Children€9.00