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Susan Leurs | Bullying

More and more people heard about her project and wanted to participate, including bullies themselves.

Consisting of 100 portraits and 10 interviews, this exhibition illustrates bullying’s impact. What does it do to people? How does it influence their lives? The facial expressions of the people portrayed touch your soul. Often hurt, sometimes broken but also strong and powerful.

Too often the photographer exposes the serious influence bullying has on the lives of the victims. Children and young adults develop psychological issues, addictions and sometimes committing suicide. Other victims of bullying make it through. They become strong and happy, albeit after long and difficult struggles. Sometimes they forgive. However they never forget.

In 2016 photographer Susan Leurs began taking photographs of and interviewing victims of bullying.


  • An exclusive tour in English will be held by the photographer Susan Leurs at 15:00-16:00 on Sunday 24 February 2019.