philharmonie zuidnederland | Beethovens Pastorale

Spring is in the air, the fresh breeze beckons... but there is plenty of nature to enjoy in the concert hall too. Freshly mowed grass, a thunderstorm in the distance, the call of a cuckoo. You can hear it all in Beethoven’s romantic Pastoral Symphony. The Arcadian yarns of shepherds and shepherdesses and unexpected thunderstorms can be experienced, almost literally, in Beethoven’s genius music.

Before the intermission, the lauded German violinist Carolin Widmann (Bayerischen Staatpreis für Musik 2017 and the International Classical Music Award) will perform the Violin Concerto by Benjamin Britten: “It was love at first sight”, top violinist Janine Jansen said upon playing this intense piece of music for the first time. “The finale begins like a prayer but ends like a scream. It’s very moving”.


  • Friday the 13th of March 2020at 20:00


  • €21.00