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The IRONMAN 4:18:4 Sprint Triathlon is an event that contains three different kinds of sports: 400 meters of swimming, 18 kilometers of cycling and 4 kilometers of running. During the Saturday afternoon it becomes clear that this triathlon event is suitable for many young ambitious athletes, the experienced triathlete as well as the inexperienced but well trained triathlete who is ready for a challenge.

IRONMAN comes to Maastricht on the weekend of 14, 15 and 16 August 2020. The 4:18:4 is perfect for getting to know the triatlonsport. The athletes complete a trail that starts with 400 meters of swimming. From there start the 18.6 kilometer long cycle route and the athletes end up with a run of 4.0 kilometers through the city centre of Maastricht. In short, the perfect event where you can get acquainted with this special sport without too much training.



  • Saturday the 15th of August 2020


  • €40.00
  • €45.00
  • €50.00