Maastricht & The Night Watch

Although this film blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, Maastricht really was entrusted with safeguarding The Night Watch during World War II. The painting was stored in De Kluis (‘the vault’), a concrete bunker deep in the St. Pietersberg hill that was specially built and equipped to safeguard the most important Dutch art treasures against air raids.

If you're curious to find out what really happened, go on a guided tour.

75 years of liberation - 12 to 21 September 2019

In 2019 and 2020, Maastricht and Limburg will be celebrating 75 years since liberation with several themed events around the city. Take a special tour of Maastricht Underground to the vault for example or visit the theater for an exciting show. Choose your favourites by clicking on the stars and creating your own to-do list!

If you like to know more about how the project "Care for your treasures" came to be check here.