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The Royal TEFAF collection

If you plan on attending TEFAF this year, you've probably heard of The Royal Collection: a selection of art objects carefully curated by TEFAF as an ode to the 2020 King's Day celebrations in Maastricht.

S Franses
Dido welcoming Aeneas - 1643
Perino del Vaga

A specially commissioned tapestry inspired by cartoons by Perino del Vaga and relished by two prominent members of seventeenth-century nobility: King Charles I and Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange.

S Franses Stand 261

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The anglesey tiara - 1890

A resplendent example of a Victorian tiara and necklace set, laden with diamonds and exhibiting exquisite design work befitting of the most regal of occasions – the coronation of King George VI.

Hancocks stand 234

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Christopher kingzett
Diana Princess of Wales
​Bryan Organ

The steadfast gaze of the then newly engaged Diana Princess of Wales, sketched in pencil by Bryan Organ for the National Portrait Gallery and admired by thousands of visitors.


Christopher Kingzett stand 701

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Kunstkammer George Laue
The Renaissance casket from Newbattle abbey - 1565
Master of perspective

An intricate renaissance kunstkammer (‘cabinet of curiosities’) piece of furniture kept out of view for centuries and cherished by its noble owners, the marquesses of lothian.

Kunstkammer George Laue stand 204

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Stair Sainty Gallery
King Charles X in coronation robes - 1825
Baron François Gérard

Depicting the commanding elegance of pre-revolutionary french royalty, King Charles X, donning his finery in commemoration of his coronation at reims.

Stair Sainty Gallery stand 344

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The Weiss Gallery
Venus And Cupid - 1595
Bartholomeus Spranger

As sumptuous as it is rare, this work by Spranger depicting Venus and Cupid was almost certainly commissioned by the Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand II – and was for his eyes only.


The Weiss Gallery stand 348

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John Endlich Antiquairs
A Gold Pendant - 1600
Franciscus Richart

Intricate and full of symbols of nobility, this jewel of glass, gold, and crystal was presented to Albert VII, archduke of Austria, and depicts the coats of arms of the seventeen provinces of the country he briefly ruled.


John Endlich Antiquairs 235

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Koopman Rare Art
Dutch Silver Mounted Coconut Cup - 1607
Frederiks Andries

This whimsically designed, carved coconut cup with silver mounts was given as a token of thanks from the 7th prince of Robecq, returning from exile, to his loyal intendant.


Koopman Rare Art Stand 156

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Peter Finer
Suit Of Armor - 1560

A formidable suit of armour of steel and leather made for the belligerent Henry V of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Duke of Brunswick Lüneberg, at the time of the Holy Roman Empire.


Peter Finer Stand 216

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Fondantico Di Tiziana Sassoli
Oil On Canvas - 1612
Lucio Massari

From Liechtenstein, the princely collections, this oil on canvas depicts an event of religious fury led by Saint Paul: the burning of heretical books.


Fondantico Di Tiziana Sassoli Stand 372

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Macconnal-Mason Gallery
Portrait Of A Young Girl
Alexei Harlamoff

An oil on canvas, this picture of an angelic young girl, with captivating, silvery eyes, inky-dark locks, and charming jewellery, stole the hearts of danish royalty.


Macconnal – Mason Gallery Stand 330

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Chapeau / Maastricht Region
Fleet inspection by Queen Wilhelmina and the Belgian Royal Couple
Cornelis Christiaan Dommelshuizen  (1842 Utrecht - 1928 Den Haag) - private collection

Christiaan Dommelshuizen, sometimes referred to as dommersen, was a talented watercolorist and painter. He became famous for his charming city and beachscapes, genre scenes, seascapes and portraits of ships. 

Recently, the restoration of this painting was carried out by stichting restauratie atelier limburg. The surface was cleaned and the strongly yellowed varnishes removed. Deformations in the canvas were eliminated and small damages and paint losses were filled and retouched.

Chapeau / Maastricht Region
Portrait of Queen Maxima
Scott Bartner (1960 Washington DC - Maastricht) - winner Dutch Portrait Award 2019

Historically, portrait painters have painted members of the royal families, perceived as the ultimate seal of approval. Once he had established himself as a portrait painter in maastricht, scott bartner set out on a similar quest.

The editor of vorsten royale magazine gave scott bartner reference images from queen maxima to work from and while he never paint teeth, there were virtually no photos of queen maxima in existence with her mouth closed. He saw it as a challenge. The portrait of queen maxima was accompanied by a pendant portrait of king willem-alexander. So far, this portrait remains an unfinished work.


Chapeau / maastricht region stand 707

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