Culture never stands still

Maastricht shows its best side...

The museums, cultural institutions, and art houses in Maastricht were among the first forced to close their doors. However, this doesn't mean that culture comes to a complete standstill, as culture never sleeps! The cultural institutions of Maastricht are showing off their creative side by coming up with brilliant new ideas during the current crisis. It's beautiful to behold and even more fun to experience for yourself from the comfort and safety of your own home. On this page we tell you about these great new initiatives!

Natural History Museum - Rock Fossils colouring pictures

Colours brighten up your day! And as we could all use a little cheering up these days, the Natural History Museum has come up with a great idea. They have created beautiful themed colouring pictures to keep you busy while you're stuck at home. So, what are you waiting for? Get colouring! Every month the museum selects a winner who receives a great prize!

Museum aan het Vrijthof - A call to all photographers and photography students

The media is devoting a lot of attention to the impact of the coronavirus on our society, our health, and the economy. Everything has come to a standstill for the time being and everyone has been affected, young and old, rich and poor. Yet, this brings us closer together, even at a distance. It has shown us a few fundamentals: we once again have to find happiness in the small things and solidarity is more important than ever. The blue sky in China and the clear water in Venice, together with the loud applause for the healthcare staff and singing Italians on the balconies, are symbolic of a new kind of solidarity. That is why Museum aan het Vrijthof calls on everyone at home to capture these beautiful moments of hope by means of photos or videos. So, while you're stuck at home, go out onto your balcony or into your garden and search for and capture these brief moments of light in darker times. The museum will share these images on their social media pages.