A Maastricht Midweekend

My friend Maarten and I needed a little break in June, but as we didn’t want to go abroad, we decided to have a Maastricht Midweekend! We didn’t feel like the hustle and bustle of the usual weekend, so this idea suited us down to the ground. After all, there would be fewer people in the city during the week, which would help us relax.

A Midweekend in Maastricht turned out to be the perfect choice: we really felt like we were abroad despite being so close to home, and it wasn’t crowded in the city at all for those three days. Read on to find out what we did and where we stayed!

Bisschopsmolen Bakker & Bed (B&B)

We stayed in the B&B run by the Bakkerij de Bisschopsmolen bakery. I’d highly recommended it if you want to stay in a picturesque and central spot in Maastricht. The bakery is located in a historic building in the heart of Maastricht, and you can smell and taste the love the place has for baking as well as the community that supports it. They only bake with spelt and only source ingredients from local suppliers. It’s always busy, as everyone in Maastricht knows they have the most delicious sandwiches and pies. But we also bought beer there: conscious to waste as little food as possible, they brew their own using leftover products! It’s a fantastic business, which also has a very charming B&B upstairs that can sleep two to four guests (two adults and two children). You can look forward to freshly baked bread for breakfast, right in the middle of the city. If you want to know more about it, look here.

Out and about!

After we dropped off our stuff at Bakker & Bed, we went for a walk through the districts of Wyck and Céramique. I couldn’t believe we were in the Netherlands; it felt more like France! The streets were so elegant, with beautiful period buildings. It’s truly wonderful and seems like a gorgeous place to live!

We had lunch at The Broth Bar, which serves a huge range of broths and soups alongside other fantastic dishes made with fresh products from their garden or local suppliers. We had a delicious lunch with oatmeal pancakes for dessert – yum!

After another pleasant walk, we went for a drink at De Gouverneur (craft beer drinkers’ heaven!) and had a fantastic dinner at Tapijn, a cool, industrial-look restaurant located in the old barracks. They also have lots of veggie options!

Yoga and juices

We started Monday with a bit of yoga – even Maarten had a go! It’s easy to do yoga in Maastricht, as you don’t need to go to a special place that does classes or take out a membership. Instead, you can arrange it yourself at Maastricht’s tourist office. You don’t have to take anything with you – they take care of everything. Yoga is scheduled for the summer months, so keep this in mind when booking your Midweekend. Our yoga was in the Dinghuis in the middle of the city. We did Yin Yoga, a form of yoga that’s ideal for beginners. Having had the most relaxing start to the day, we returned

to the apartment to get dressed and then went to get some healthy juice at SAP. We ordered a ginger shot (not for the faint-hearted!) and a green smoothie. Although this wasn’t the best thing I’d ever tasted, it was super healthy (not unimportant).

Strolling, tasting, and eating

We strolled through Maastricht the whole afternoon, admiring its array of fantastic neighbourhoods and places. My favourite area was Wyck: think urban idyll, independent shops (no chains), and great places to eat. The upshot of being there on a Midweekend was that it wasn’t crowded at all. At the end of the afternoon, we went for a wine and cheese tasting session at De Kaasbar. It was so delicious, with the tastiest wines and the most scrumptious cheeses! We’ve never tasted anything like it. We tried all the wines and polished off their port, so we were pretty tipsy afterwards (of course, you could also just have a civilized one or two sips per glass). We went to a Lebanese restaurant to get something to eat, which we took back to our apartment.

So close, but so different

The next morning, we were given an extensive tour of Bisschopsmolen and a really nice breakfast, after which we drove home. It was such a great way to be out and about during the week. Although Maastricht is so close to us, the city is so different from other Dutch cities because of its architecture and atmosphere – you feel so far away from home! We’d definitely recommend it!

Judith Noordzij is 31 years old and has made it her mission to inspire as many people as possible to take good care of themselves and enjoy life. She gave herself this task after suffering a burnout as a lawyer. She realized that she had spent years trying to fit into a mould and doing everything to stay in it. Her goal is to make every human being understand that they themselves are unique.