Visit Maastricht Safely

No doubt you’ve missed Maastricht a lot. The feeling’s mutual: Maastricht has missed you too! But it’s important to make sure the city doesn’t get too busy, no matter how tempting it is to visit your favourite shops. Check to see whether it’s busy first, find convenient walking routes, and contact the stores you want to visit in advance. There are some things you might be able to do online, or you can plan a time to visit when there are no other visitors. Stay safe, and you won’t have to miss Maastricht for much longer.

Let the angel show you the way

If you’re planning to come to Maastricht, our hospitality guides will be glad to help you make sure your visit is as safe as possible. You’ll recognize them by their red t-shirts and the big smile on their face. They’ll tell you which streets are less crowded and how to get from A to B safely. They’ll also hand out City Guides with all the best tips on shopping, walking, and eating out. But even Maastricht’s very own ‘Ingel’ (angel) will show you the way, with several streets designated as walking routes and marked with walking directions. If you follow the Ingel, you can get around the city safely!

Maastricht Bereikbaar

If you would like to find out more information about pedestrian routes or anything else related to the measures that will affect your visit to the city, please visit Maastricht Bereikbaar. 

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